Your First Visit

So you decide to take the plunge and see what Sutliff Chiropractic is really like. After everything you just read on this web site you may still be unsure what to expect so here is a typical first visit at Sutliff Chiropractic.

When you walk in, you are given the usual questionnaire to fill out, show your insurance card if you have one, and then wait your turn. When we meet I ‘consult’ with you to be sure I understand your specific situation and its history. I then do an in depth orthopedic and neurological examination of the involved areas to be sure that what appears to be wrong is in fact the problem. We see alot of misdiagnoses and sometimes just knowing what is really wrong makes everything else we do work. Sometimes, in severe and chronic situations, I have to send out for testing at this time or do a review of your other systems to make sure your complaint is treatable at our office, but that isn’t routine and it is only done if it is specifically needed.  Once I know exactly what is causing your discomfort we talk about 2 things. 1 – We should have a mutually agreed upon understanding of what your problem is, and 2  – We should agree on what the best way to fix your problem is. You see, despite all my high ideals on health care generally, you are the consumer and once you do understand your problem it is up to you and I to agree (consent) to how we will proceed. After that it’s just a matter of watching the magic happen.

So that’s your first visit and after that life just keeps getting better. When you are healthy everything you do doesn’t hurt you and every stress isn’t a terrible situation that makes you sick. Come in and find out what a healthy life is like.