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Services and Fees – Sutliff Chiropractic

Services and Fees

The focus of our services can be classified into 3 categories, from most urgent to least urgent. However, I would say that they go from least important to most important in terms of long-term effects. Look and see what you think. The actual appearance of the care is about the same but it’s focus in very different.

Care for Acute Problems

Sutliff Chiropractic specializes in acute care for those who are hurting bad now. This is where we first meet many of our patients. It describes those involved in accidents – auto, work or otherwise. When you are hurting bad, I do something about it today. Acute care is always a balance of doing as much as possible without further irritating the area. Like picking out the sliver but not digging to big of a hole while doing it. Your specific tolerance to treatment will guide your care here and my excellent chiropractic technique will get you feeling better at the pace you find comfortable. Once an acute problem is fixed it usually doesn’t come back. With acute problems we find it, fix it and leave it alone.

Care for Chronic Problems

Chronic conditions are those that have been around awhile. They can flare up and feel pretty acute but if it’s every month or every time you mow the lawn then it’s looked at as a chronic situation. In chronic conditions, we believe that each patient brings with them not only the pain that is being felt but in most cases a life style that supports it. That’s why it’s not going away. So we use a comprehensive strategy involving physical adjustments, education, exercise, nutritional support, and wellness planning to turn around that downward trend. It sometimes takes everything you’ve got going for you, working together, to turn the tide on a truly chronic situation. My knowledge of multiple healing arts will help this happen and get you back to the reason you were put here in the first place. And you were put here for more than the feeling of continued pain, I assure you.

Wellness and Longevity Planning

This is the most important part of real health care – as opposed to sickness care.  It’s said that if you fail to plan it is the same as planning to fail. So if you feel pretty good and figure you’ll just bide your time ’til something comes along and then fix it ……it’s called sickness care, and will cost you in both money and health. You should plan a different exercise program ever month or two, you should plan to eat different foods constantly and you need to take a break here and there and you should have someone who gets to know you guide you on your path to balance it all.  A rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out, Dr Jensen use to say, and it’s easy to find yourself in one without some guidance. Come in for maintenance care and we’ll keep track of how your doing with your eating, exercising, and other health goals. 

Standard Office Fees  (cash patients)

Minimum office fee  ……………………………… $  40.00
(come in to visit for 15 minutes)

Consultation, Examination and Adjustment ……. $100.00
(standard 1st day visit)

Full Spinal Adjustment & Extremities as needed…$ 40.00
(a usual follow up visits)

My opinions on Exercise, Nutrition, Health ………$ 160.00
(that’s per hour.  Half an hour is usually a good start)