Balance Sports

The most often asked question I hear when starting treatment for severe back and neck injuries is “What can I do to keep this from happening again?” My answer to this question is to learn how to move properly and to exercise your muscles so that they can keep your spine stable. The exercises that do just that are called core exercises. Running, biking, lifting, stretching, etc, etc all have their place in fitness and health but core exercise is critical to …. Well, our core. And that means our spine. Now it isn’t really easy to exercise those muscles in conventional ways as our extrinsic muscles want to do all the hard stuff and they get stronger and stronger and we still have weak, achy, bad backs. So ‘core’ has become a big buzz word now and there are 100 different exercises that are called core exercises to fill this niche. And again it seems to be pretty complicated. So what to do?

Well the latest research shows that just trying to balance engages all your intrinsic muscles and builds them nicely. And the trickier the balance demands are the stronger your intrinsic muscles become. So simple yet so perfect. Like walking around, out in the world, before sidewalks and roads.

So here at Sutliff Chiropractic I carry a full line of balance trainers for all ages and all skill levels. We have a full line of Indo Board products and we also have a full line of slacklines, 2” & 1”, 10 feet to 100 feet. These are fun and very powerful training devices to build a strong core and back. Check out the videos of people using these items on You Tube, but remember those people who look good couldn’t even stand on them when they started either.