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Location and Facilities

We are located at the intersection of Taft Rd and Thompson Rd in N. Syracuse (6088 #3 East Taft Road) just 2 lights east from the I81 exit at Taft Rd or one light west from Taft Road after getting off the Northern Boulevard exit of I481 and going south to Taft Rd.

When you come to Sutliff Chiropractic for care you will see it is like no other chiropractic office you have ever visited before. Low stress, casual atmosphere yet with a competent, professional procedure set that assures you the very best health care possible. Our examination room allows a thorough evaluation of your problem and our modern adjusting room has the equipment to assure your spine gets corrected and back inline quickly. 

Insurance & Payments

To help you take advantage of our services we are participating providers in Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield, RMSCO, and POMCO. We also accept Worker's Compensation patients and Auto Accident patients (no-fault). Cash always works too and we accept all major credit cards and debit cards for your convenience. Deductibles, co-pays and all charges due are expected at the time services are rendered, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. 

Our Hours  

Monday, Wednesday, Friday   8 - 12  &  2 - 6       (AM&PM)
        Tuesday & Thursday                 10 - 1            (lunch time)

Mon, Wed & Fri, 8-10 and 4-6 are usually for patients who need to be able to get in and out on their way to and from work, if a lunch hour would be better we have Tuesday or Thursday 11-1. On Mon, Wed, & Fri, 10-12 & 2-4 and Tuesday and Thursday 10-11, we usually take care of the more time consuming problem patients. Everyone gets what they need without waiting around or being pushed through. Your time is important too, and I respect that.

Our Chiropractor - Dr Jim Sutliff

Dr Jim is a native of Syracuse, NY, going to Roosevelt Jr High, & Corcoran Senior High. He completed his under graduate degree at SUNY Oswego. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Mo, in May 1985. But long before becoming a Chiropractor Dr Jim was interested in health. Watching Jack Lalane on the television as a boy with his dad and later reading the then popular nutritionist Adelle Davis started Dr Jim on his health  journey in the early ‘70s. Traveling far and wide in search of more natural health information Dr Jim studied with Dr John Christopher, the Thompsonian herbalist in Provo, Utah, and Dr Bernard Jensen, the Naturopath/Chiropractor in Escondido, CA; both in the late ’70s. During this time he also studied Chinese Medicine at the Occidental School of Chinese Medicine in California. Living what he believed in his first 4 children were born at home, breastfeed and raised naturally and healthfully. Even after becoming a successful Chiropractic physician, Dr Jim avidly pursued any information available on health and wellness. His exercise recommendations comes from solid scientific training in the use of heart rate monitors and weight training for everything from maximizing training of superior athletes to protecting old athletes from over training. With the development of the internet Dr Jim has been able to follow advances in health care the world over - not just the money motivated medicine of the USA. With over 15 countries having a higher rated health care system than ours it may be time you tried some of their ways of being healthy instead of the latest money making fad of corporate America. Again Dr Jim can help.

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