Sutliff Chiropractic Home Page

Welcome to Sutliff Chiropractic 

This site has been set up to introduce you to me, Dr Jim Sutliff, and my very special office at Sutliff Chiropractic.

Not all doctors and all patients are compatible and a quick look at these 5 pages of information should send you running away or make you glad you’ve found some place to help you pursue a healthy life.

Our location (address & directions), office info and way to much stuff about me personally can be found on the ‘Our Practice’ page. The ‘Services’ page should be checked out as it is more than just the activities I charge for – it is an introduction to the different health/life stages we can be in and how I handle them. ‘Your First Visit’ attempts to show you how we put all the noble ideas about health that I’ve mentioned elsewhere into real life. Lastly if you need to ‘Contact Us’, whether as an established patient changing an appointment or for a little more info before you take the leap please use the information on that page. And please no solicitors.

I have also started a blog on health that can be perused if you really want to see how I think about what’s healthy and what’s health care up close and personal.

Enjoy your visit and please feel free to send a note to me with any thoughts you have after you’ve looked around. This site is a work in progress, like life, and positive feed back is always appreciated.

New patients are currently being accepted, please call for an appointment.